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Billy Boguard's “California” creates a unique aural universe one entirely of his own making.

Billy Boguard – California

Billy Boguard sings with a kindness on the lovely sun-drenched spirit of “California”. Evolution of the groove works absolute wonders for he proves to be a master of the buildup. Vocals have a honeyed, reassuring cadence to them for he embraces elements of pop, R&B, and light jazz into the fray. Layer upon layer enters into the mix, and the way it goes from acoustic to electric further adds to the splendor of the journey. The production here has a flawless, polished quality and every single gesture that rises up feels carefully set up. Even the verses seem to fit in perfectly within the vast swirling stream of consciousness that embraces the sound.

A hushed awe introduces the piece with the careful chords gliding gently through. The melodic richness adds to the emotional depth of the track for he holds nothing back. Lyricism has an abstract beauty to it for he shows true love for place, as there is a geographical quality that helps to give the song a setting of sorts. Best of all the low end of the sound feels so joyous to behold, and that’s where the true beauty of the piece resides. For the evolution, the growth and buildup of the piece rests upon his careful attention to the chords, elaborating upon the initial melody until it becomes a great wave that washes over everything.

“California” shows off the deft skill of Billy Boguard in crafting a unique aural universe one entirely of his own making.



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