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Bjartmar features an intensely emotional sound with “Catching Fire”.

Bjartmar - Catching Fire

Bjartmar features an intensely emotional sound with “Catching Fire”. Industrial, pop, electro, EDM and more gets filtered through his unique vision. Everything here offers a delicate balance. From his voice to the way the lyrics cascade there is a kindness about his delivery. Throughout the whole of the experience, he makes sure that nothing is ever held back, that every single thought is shared. In many ways it has a voyeuristic aspect to it for it delves deep into the consciousness. Melodies have a metallic, stately presence about them making sure that the many layers intermingle to create a vast, expansive universe.

From the first moment the song stuns. His voice, mixed front and center, features prominently. In fact it is this element, his haunted vocals, that bring the listener into his unique aural ecosystem. Within the mix the many different elements combine to create something truly lovely. Riffs do anchor much of the work. Beats feature their own wildness to them. Nods to Depeche Mode’s romantic tendencies appear on throughout. Thanks to the mixture of the emotional alongside the regal presence of the grooves, it all has an uncanny ability to come together. Over the course of the track the sound becomes ever thicker, for it is easy to get lost in the delirious haze of it all. Ensuring it all works the piece seems to rise up into the very sky with a great crystal clarity.

“Catching Fire” shows off Bjartmar’s ability to craft a world that absolutely teems with life.



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