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Blake Collins' uncanny ability to dive headfirst into a classic style and bring out the love.

Blake Collins - I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Blake Collins roots himself in a distinctly 60s modish affect on the bubblegum pop bliss of “I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore”. The production has a rustic cadence to it from the fantastic choruses to the delicate phrases that adorn the whole of the piece. Of course the production would mean nothing if Blake was unable to hit that right tone to truly sell it, and his uncanny ability to embody all of the carefree attitude of the 60s feels poignant. Rhythms here feel fantastic as they come across absolutely swinging with a great spirit of pure energy.

He starts up on a high note, as the whole of the song radiates a sundrenched ethos. Right from this open it simply unfurls from there. Not a misstep to be found he’s a diligent student of the sound for the way it captures the best bits of groups like the Zombies has a graciousness to it all. The melody too feels picked right out of an old 45, for it too has so much beauty behind it. With the interplay between the band having a fiery presence about it, he never lets up and the track benefits from this strong focus. Everything is kept to the essentials right down to the AM pop runtime of under three minutes, for this is a song that is as economical as it is heartfelt.

“I’m Gonna Take It Anymore” shows off Blake Collins’ uncanny ability to dive headfirst into a classic style and bring out the love.



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