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“Blank Ghost” proves Bent Circles to be true purveyors of relaxed, laid-back hip-hop.

Bent Circles - Blank Ghost

A chilled-out atmosphere reigns supreme over “Blank Ghost” proving Bent Circles to be true purveyors of relaxed, laid-back hip-hop. The small details here matter a lot from the crackle to the inspired keyboards that adorn the track. Everything here matters for there’s a downtempo lounge joy to the whole of the piece. Lyrics have a nimbleness to them for they cascade downwards, in a way that touches upon the mellowed attitude of MF Doom. Never rushing things there is a smokey quality to the way it all wafts on up. It has a conciseness to it for the melody has a haunting beauty about it, quite sophisticated in its own way.

The atmosphere starts up immediately, for the sounds themselves feel like they were pressed right from vinyl. Done with such dignity, it is easy to get entranced by the clever way that the work unfurls. Flows here have a fierceness to them – never truly intense, there is a confidence that resides right in the very centre of it all. Layer upon layer further gets sculpted to result in something that has a splendid take to it. Full of a great bloom of colour it all comes together in a way that is quite pretty. By keeping things lowkey, the small flourishes matter and they matter a lot, for Bent Circles makes sure that the final stretch sort of unspools in a way that gives the song a cyclical presence.

“Blank Ghost” features a gorgeous grandeur to it, for Bent Circles makes sure that every single detail matters.



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