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BlckDino develops a chilled-out old school hip-hop attitude.

BlckDino - 2 Spirits (feat. Lil Chip & YoungGraffiti)

BlckDino develops a chilled-out old school hip-hop attitude with “2 Spirits (feat. Lil Chip & YoungGraffiti)”. The whole of the song has a mellow attitude. Everything here has a happiness to it. Arrangements further add to the looseness of the work. Verses have a loveliness to them. Word choice further reflects upon what it means to navigate a relationship. Drums have an impressible display to them for there is a big, boisterous way that they unfurl. Right behind them there is a gentle quality to it featuring a great sense of power to it.

He sets the mood immediately, adding to the conversational aspect of the piece making it already rather welcoming. The way they switch from vocalist to vocalist adds to the togetherness of it all. Multiple layers interact to give it a psychedelic quality to it. So much color enters into the sound for there is a beauty about it. Balance here matters a great deal for the atmosphere has a sundrenched, summery atmosphere to it. Rolling on through the whole of the work gets woven together into a vast communal world, one where seemingly anything seems possible. Beats gradually get more unstable until the very end where they bring the whole of the experience to a gleeful close, as they rattle away with the rest of the track melting away.

“2 Spirits (feat. Lil Chip & YoungGraffiti)” revels in a sense of joy and togetherness, proving BlckDino to be a clever insightful artist, one that blends old school and contemporary rap.



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