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Blurring the lines between genres, Starlings demonstrate their musical capabilities in "Out at Sea"

Starlings - Out at Sea

“Out at Sea” is the debut EP of Starlings, a Dublin based quartet who, in their own words, play songs to pass the time. The album is a flawless combination of three tracks, full of nostalgia, hope and talent. The band started off as co-workers when their current bass player was their manager. What started off as a midweek breakaway, quickly produced original material, and we could not be more grateful for that.

“Insomniac'' is full of mesmerising melodies and the right song to start the album. The bass is the true protagonist here, and it is ideally accompanied by a relaxed drum beat, quite a distinctive guitar riff and a mighty voice, that is also delicate in the right moments. Blending positive instrumental vibes with nostalgic lyrics, “Another Song” opens up to you with harmonious guitar chords and leisurely drum hits. Depending on how you look at it, this tune is a cry for help either because of the pandemic, or because of some heartbreak as you can notice in “But I can’t breathe, this feeling’s new”. Once the chorus appears, vocals surprise you in the best way possible and are reminiscent of the talented Catfish and the Bottlemen vocalist.

Calm Red Hot Chili Peppers vibes are integrated into the last song of the EP. The sea breeze takes us by the hand and leads us on a journey throughout the song with uplifting lyrics that speak of fears and frustrations. And as “Ships”, they plunge us into an ocean of thoughts, leaving us in a peaceful state of reflection.

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Annie L
Annie L
Aug 01, 2022

Hello mate nice bllog



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