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“Boat Race” shows off Yee and O’Brien’s ear for melody and consideration for the journey.

Yee and O'Brien - Boat Race

A cerebral chamber pop procession, Yee and O’Brien’s “Boat Race” features a beguiling mix of ancient and modern traditions. Nods to classical are abundant for their careful steady pulse proves to be good for the very soul. The keyboards in particular have a gorgeous cadence to them with every single note plucked from the air with such care. Vocals offer a delicate beauty to them. Words are chosen with such attention to detail for they have a reflective, patient aura about them. So many different layers filter on through resulting in a colourful mixture of elements, ones that have a unique balance about them. References abound throughout the whole of the piece, but in terms of tempo they take their cues from slowcore, more specifically the heady brew of Sigur Ros’s tremendous output.

The expansiveness of the piece becomes readily apparent, as the song does not feel at all rushed. Atmosphere proves to be of the essence as Yee and O’Brien allow every single word the right amount of weight behind it. Instrumentally rich, the way they let the sound unfurl gives it a cinematic spirit one that feels absolutely righteous. Done with the utmost of delicacy, they place the many layers on top of each other all the while paying strict attention to the colour that becomes imbued within the mix. For the final stretch they let loose to a degree in a way that feels truly earned.

“Boat Race” shows off Yee and O’Brien’s ear for melody and consideration for the journey.



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