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Bones In Butter go for a dark and decadent sound on the classic cadence of “Sad Girl”.

Bones In Butter - Sad Girl

Bones In Butter go for a dark and decadent sound on the classic cadence of “Sad Girl”. They conjure up imagery of Manhattan’s Lower East Side greats like the Velvet Underground and the nervous energy of the Talking Heads. Akin to those groups, Bones In Butter tap into a dark seedy tragic sort of underbelly, one that shies away from the light. With a unique mixture of 60s psychedelic meets 80s darkwave, a certain stately elegance radiates from the whole of the track for every single element falls into place in a pitch-perfect fashion as the whole of the work radiates with so much light.

The song rushes into the thick of things, with jangling guitars and the deadpan vocals that add to the beauty. Guitar work has an exquisite pining quality to it further accentuated by the soothing backup female vocalists that add a bit of mystery to the entire journey. Everything rushes forward in a way that feels pitch perfect. Doing the best kind of balance that they can, the way the layers intermingle results in something that becomes all-encompassing, even downright tender in the right light. Rhythm has a neat and tidy pulse to it, from the insistent hit of the drum to the bass that worms its way into the fray. For the final stretch of the track it gains a particular surf rock flavor to it all, ending in a brilliant burst.

“Sad Girl” shows off Bones In Butter’s intrepid skill in crafting something that feels absolutely timeless.



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