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“Brave New World” shows off the undeniable talent of Jacob Shipley.

Jacob Shipley - Brave New World

Jacob Shipley makes the thing sing on the blues of “Brave New World”. The thing here has a dual purpose – both his guitar playing is exceptional as well as his powerful voice. Keeping things to the bare essentials he delivers a sound that embodies pure passion. Hope goes for an unusual take one that becomes almost circuitous in terms of creating something quite beautiful. Every single gesture here matters in large part due to its bare-bones minimalism. Nor would there be a band that could accurately capture his ethos and emotion as well as the way he plays that guitar, it is a fantastic electric sound that rings out.

Not a moment is wasted as he dives headfirst into the tactile sound. With a vast space to inhabit, he lets his words gain a poetry to them for every verse builds off the last. The way a narrative begins to take shape, one of assessing the greater world around him, provides the perfect degree of clarity into the equation. His playing syncs up beautifully with his voice for the two become one with this approach. Sometimes he punctuates the guitar chord with just the right emphasis, sometimes vice versa. This interplay is vivid and is real, for it results in something truly awe-inspiring to experience.

“Brave New World” shows off the undeniable talent of Jacob Shipley in crafting a soulful soothing sound with just the right hint of reassurance.

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