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Break-ups aren’t all doom and gloom, says UK singer-songwriter James Millier.

UK singer and songwriter James Millier has just released a heart-warming new single, called ‘Brighter’ Day’. This is a luscious hybrid of country music, high-quality production and a passion for crafting a great narrative through music.

Millier’s previous more electro-pop tracks definitely had a touch of more traditional songwriting in them, yet now we really hear a more country feel in the music. This new musical direction marks an exciting new chapter for the artist. James Millier has come full circle and feels he found his sound in country/folk music because you can hear elements of the truth from his life running through his songs from his younger years living in the countryside in a small village called Shenstone in the West Midlands to living the city life in Birmingham as well as moving to the south coast in Swansea, Wales and now enjoying life in the south of England.

This latest track ‘Brighter Day’ has, in true James Millier style, some beautiful narrative in the lyrics: “You know they say / What don’t kill you makes you strong / I’m glad you came along / It took both of us for me to find my way, to / A brighter day…”

And as the old adage goes; ‘Que sera, sera’ right?! James is urging us to open our minds to the hope to be found in something as difficult in a break-up. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways, yet on this winding path, you become a stronger person as you gain experiences and learn more about yourself as well. What’s so beautiful about this artist’s music, is that it feels like your friend. You can really turn to these songs in a time of need. It’s no wonder that Millier has grown a steady following over the past few years; his songs have wracked up a good number of steams and he is always active on his Instagram account, supporting other music artists as well as himself. Emerging artists feel that James Millier is a very supportive person in the industry. This song, much like the artist himself, is a ray of sunlight.

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