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Brian Casey's “American Carnage” creates a sonic universe that feels so vivid and real.

Brian Casey the Destroyer - American Carnage

Brian Casey the Destroyer captures the moment on the reflective stance of “American Carnage”. Proving to be one of those tracks that takes note of the era, the piece at times draws from Wilco’s “Hotel Yankee Foxtrot”. Similar to that album, he offers a bit of dark contemplation of what just happened, except this his focus is on Trump whereas Wilco’s emphasis was on the failures under Bush. Lyrically nimble and particularly poignant, they deliver something straight from the heart and told with so much soul. The arrangement further adds to the strong sense of purpose the piece provides with neon-hued synthesizers twisted and transformed into unwieldly beasts.

The song bursts onto the scene with its off-kilter synthesizers and drums hitting hard. An atmosphere of unease pervades, nicely summarizing the intensity of the Trump era. Various effects filter in and out of the mix further adding to the stew of sounds that intermingle, weaving themselves into a fine tapestry. Upon the inclusion of the vocals things truly begin, as the lyrics focus upon the nightmarish world that defined the Trump era, an era that unfortunately does not end with him leaving the presidency. All that toxicity that he dredged up is part of the dialogue, though there is a slight glimmer of hope for something more, something very truly grand. With the song’s evolution there is this search for a better world, and what that might even look like.

“American Carnage” shows off the intrepid skill of Brian Casey the Destroyer in creating a universe that feels so vivid and real.



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