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Brune M sculpts a sly, seductive sound on the stunningly sweet “Routine”.

Brune M – Routine

Brune M sculpts a sly, seductive sound on the stunningly sweet “Routine”. R&B, soundtracks, classical, and trip-hop are woven together to create this sleek sound. Lumbering beats hit hard for they hold absolutely nothing back. Done with such dignity she crafts a universe that has a serenity about it. The minimal restraint of the work further adds to the intimacy of the message. Akin to it being whispered to the listener there is a delicacy to the atmosphere. Notes of Portishead and Sneaker Pimps adorn much of the experience as there is a decadence to be found.

Chords start things off with grace. Done with such power the whole of the trip feels as if stuck in a dream. Tempos shift and switch up in a way that has a casual quality to it. Rhythms are messed with, changed, and stretched up in unexpected ways. For all the different elements to interact adds to the spaciousness of the piece. By allowing the song lots of room to roam the piece gains a meditative aspect to it. The reflective stance feels rather wonderful for the track. Her voice has a curious aspect to it. Word choice matters for there is almost a 90s spoken word quality to it. Verses add to the power of the trip. Quality of the sound itself helps to waft up into the air, further adding to the rest of the grandeur of the work.

“Routine” shows off Brune M’s mysterious beguiling nature to craft a universe that has a fullness to it.



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