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Bruno Amaral delivers something that has such gorgeousness behind it. "Manual de sobrevivência"

Bruno Amaral - Manual de sobrevivência (Feat. Pâmela Amaro, khallid)

Bruno Amaral explores what it means to survive on the powerful poignancy of “Manual de sobrevivência (Feat. Pâmela Amaro, khallid)”. A mixture of traditional with hip-hop, there is a raw grit and soul behind the whole of the track. Word choice is selected with the utmost of care for their storytelling proves to be flawless. Deftly exploring what it means to grow up pulling oneself up there is a certain defiance to the whole of the piece, a yearning to break free and rise above one’s own circumstances. Nor do they ever veer too much either into the past or the future, instead there is a sense of the present that feels quite real.

The arrangement has a lovely simplicity to it for they manage to touch upon so many genres while retaining their own distinct identity. Done with care, they make sure that the sound unspools to result in a grand display of so much colour while retaining each instrument’s unique cadence. By allowing the song to evolve in its own way there is a sense of purpose, clear-eyed focus even that has a tenderness to it. Everything about the piece features a highly personal, profound beauty behind it for there is a great evolution to the sound that feels pitch perfect, right down to the final stretch where the vocals lead the way.

“Manual de sobrevivência (Feat. Pâmela Amaro, khallid)” shows off a bit of the beauty for Bruno Amaral to deliver something that has such gorgeousness behind it.

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