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“Build A Ship” proves to be one of those thought-provoking pieces of pop.

Elena delivers a soulful mixture of folk and electronica on the tender “Build A Ship”. So much light pours into the sound for it is drenched in sunshine. Her voice provides a lot of this spirit for her calm, measured and reassuring tone feels so lively. Usage of the guitar adds to the sense of tactility, as it neatly weaves its way into the splendid joyous track. By far though the real highlight comes from her carefully executed storytelling as there is an intimacy there that is hard to precisely pinpoint. The demeanor she gives off is one of close friend; offering comfort, commiserating, and caring.

The gentle graceful guitar work opens the piece alongside the power of her voice. It is a quiet sense of cerebral introspection, one that brings the listener along on the incredible journey. Calm to its very core the beats have a gentle cadence to them never overwhelming the sound. Here it is the small details that matter the most, whether it is a light flourish here or the inclusion of a small vocal affect there. Bass further adds to the engrossing warmth of the work, still maintaining the peaceful quality it has. Little symphonic and classical elements further add to its scope as the song has a powerful presence, washing over the listener in a way that has so much tenderness.

“Build A Ship” proves to be one of those thought-provoking pieces of pop, showing off Elena’s uncanny ability to create a warm inviting world.



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