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Bukky Sky delivers something smoky and surreal with the elegance of “Amazing”.

Bukky Sky – Amazing

A sly, seductive quality comes through with Bukky Sky noirish “Amazing”. The stylistic potpourri gains a particular poignancy thanks in large part to Bukky Sky’s warm, serene vocals that leave you stunned. Effortlessly gliding between late-night lounge jazz, chilled-out indie rock, and more the piece defies easy categorization. By far the very beating heart comes from his clever lyricism that is delivered with a grace that feels timeless. Percussion serves more as punctuation for his verses than anything else, for they are written with a self-reflection, a sense of pure personal poetry. References to his sound abound, but they draw from Portishead’s trippy dark atmospherics as well as the Smiths at the peak of their 80s powers.

The soulful ballad opens up with a spacious arrangement that seemingly wafts up into the night sky. His voice keeps things in a dream-like state, as if he was a singer in a David Lynch film. With the theatrics mixed with serenity, the piece has a certain barely contained energy about them, just ready to burst at a moment’s notice. It is a testament to Bukky Sky’s skill that they let this energy build and build. Rather than do the expected thing and release the tension early, he waits until the final stretch of the piece to let it all out. Every word gets its own cymbal crash as the thrashing of the guitar tries to drown out his voice but fails in the process. It is a phenomenal finish.

Bukky Sky delivers something smoky and surreal with the elegance of “Amazing”.



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