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Buried Crown assault the listener’s senses on the intense rage of “Faceless Fear”.

Buried Crown - Faceless Fear

Buried Crown assault the listener’s senses on the intense rage of “Faceless Fear”. Poignantly confronting the ills of society and doing so in an unapologetically honest way, the song speeds on forward with such fire and fury. Volume is a given for they are loud right from the first second. They are particularly fine guitarists as the riffs are torn asunder and reconfigured in new, dazzlingly crazy ways. Rhythms are meant to be breakneck, the lyrics screamed at the top of their lungs. Best of all the lyrics do a fantastic job in speaking to this very singular moment in history.

The piece propels itself forward at a scary pace, holding nothing back. Full of intense anger, they capture what it feels like to strain under the yoke of a political class indifferent to the suffering of many. Layers are applied into the mix, and the guitar work absolutely screams up towards the skies. By refusing to ever hold back, they make sure that there is a feral, animalistic presence. At times they seem to indicate that this state of affairs, where the majority are kept out of decision-making, will be short-lived indeed as there is a razor-sharp edge to their delivery. Over the course of the piece the groove churns about, becoming increasingly more and more unstable as the song bolts towards the finish line.

“Faceless Fear” shows off the exquisite chops of Buried Crown in proving to be a metal band that is truly as heavy as the genre’s name implies.



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