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BUSTER employs a unique stylistic mixture of R&B, hip-hop, and soul on the spirited “Work’s Work”.

BUSTER - Work's Work

BUSTER employs a unique stylistic mixture of R&B, hip-hop, and soul on the spirited “Work’s Work”. The arrangement positively glows with color for the piece takes its time with the gentle stride. Using the cleverest of word choices, he explores the complete and total obsessions society has with the need to know one’s career path. With his honesty he pokes fun at the ridiculousness of the situations that arise out of this seemingly innocuous question. Melodies further highlight the incredible versatility of his voice, rising and falling in ways that heighten the track’s tension.

Polished and pristine, the production here is flawless. Clever chords and keyboard work adds to the stately presence of the piece. By far though his lyrics take front and center stage, as they ensure that there is just the right emphasis placed on what truly matters – letting loose. So many songs are about partying yet actual conversations about partying are fairly scant. He, rightly, states that work should be left at work, not to follow people around. A life matters and a life is not work, or at the very least it should not be. Here he embraces a spirited sensibility, one that feels righteous to behold as the song unspools its wisdom in a way that has a glistening quality to it. Balanced just right, the evolution of the sound further lends his message additional heft.

“Work’s Work” shows off BUSTER’s clever lyricism and playful disposition crafting an entire aural universe that swirls around the listener in beguiling mysterious ways.



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