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C-Beem embraces a glowing, gorgeous world on the joyous pop play of “Sweet Song”.

C-Beem - Sweet Song

C-Beem embraces a glowing, gorgeous world on the joyous pop play of “Sweet Song”. Little keyboard work flutters about in a way that has a warm, inviting embrace to it. Production quality here truly stuns for they hold absolutely nothing back. A lushness ensues for they make sure to have the entirety of the piece simply wash over the listener. Optimism reigns supreme as they touch upon a little bit of Fischerspooner’s mid-00s contentment. Layer upon layer is brought into the mix making sure that it is easy to get lost in its many charms.

A bright burst of sound works wonders it starting it off. From there the rest of the track comes into place. There is a beauty to the way that they balance it all. So much detail is brought into the mix, and there is a density to it, one that keeps on evolving. Vocals right in the middle of it seem to tie it together for there is a happiness there, one that celebrates a quiet sense of joy. With more than a nod to video game soundtracks, chiptune, etc. these influences all further expand the palette of the piece, giving it so much energy to it. By allowing all of this to simply build up, there is a futuristic symphonic bliss in how it explodes for the final stretch, as the volume becomes a given and not a must.

“Sweet Song” shows off C-Beem’s uncanny ability to craft infectious hooks with soothing grooves that touch the very soul.



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