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CANDYBOY makes a hyper pop piece of perfection with “defaultskin”.

CANDYBOY – defaultskin

CANDYBOY makes a hyper pop piece of perfection with “defaultskin”. Gorgeous to the largest possible degree the piece feels fantastic. Hip-hop, funk, R&B, and more are brought into the mix making sure that it has that truly expansive presence. Everything here feels carefully considered, with the beats hitting with that trap hit in the best way possible, purely physical and fantastic. Right in the center of this gargantuan sound are his vocals that have a steadiness to them, making sure everything comes together in a way that feels blissed-out.

From the beginning the treatment of the vocals give the track a surrealist approach. After a little while everything gradually comes into view and the force of nature quality of the sound takes over. Throughout the piece, little fragments of sound enter into the fray darting on through in a lush cadence. Lyricism here works to bring it altogether. His word choice has a profound aspect to it for every single verse builds off the last ensuring that there is a kaleidoscopic allure to it. Incredible color bursts forth giving it a kaleidoscopic array. At times the sound itself has a partly melted aspect, akin a bit to some of Yung Lean’s work. Unlike Yung Lean however, CANDYBOY’s delivery has a lot more muscle behind it for he propels the atmosphere forward with his own sheer force of will. By the finale the piece has entered a transcendental state, full of mystery.

“defaultskin” revels in the exquisite detail of CANDYBOY’s incredible lyricism, for his flow is pure fire.



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