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Capital Theatre's “Force to Fight” shows skill in crafting a universe that is distinctly their own.

Capital Theatre - Force to Fight

A shot of pure adrenaline defines Capital Theatre’s colossal “Force to Fight”. With their finely tuned guitars they rush on through in a bright, brilliant blur of sound. Elements of grunge, hard rock, with a decidedly punk ethos come together into a singular stunning sound. Vocals have a commanding presence to them and serve as the fiery centre of the entire track. Volume is a must for this is a style that is designed to bludgeon the listener into submission. Lyrics further add to this sense of urgency for every verse is weighted with the utmost of care.

Nor do they waste a single moment as they race right into it. Rhythms have a breakneck speed to them with riffs ragged and raging on through. His voice though has an intensity to it and he makes sure to deliver every line with such pathos. Layer upon layer enters into the fray further adding to the sheer density of the mix. Everything works wonders while they blast off into a stratospheric approach, as the guitars conjure up a force of nature cadence. By allowing these many elements to bounce off each other they result in something that feels quite life-affirming. For all the darkness that the sound radiates there is also a hope, quiet at first yet building up as the piece progresses, becoming ever more all-consuming.

“Force to Fight” shows off the deft skill of Capital Theatre in crafting a universe that is distinctly their own.



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