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“Careful” shows off Conner Ball’s ability to craft a sound that feels truly alive and full of love.

Conner Ball – Careful

A kindhearted and compassion ode, Conner Ball goes for a gorgeous sound on the spirited “Careful”. Chamber pop, folk, and country all blend together under the power of Conner Ball’s assured vocals. Every verse is sung with such poignancy and the lyricism itself possesses a joyous quality to it. His approach to songwriting is quite sophisticated, for it draws from Coldplay’s tender side and the yearning passion of John Mayer’s output. There is a quiet celebration to the whole of the piece for he lets things evolve at their own distinct pace, allowing each detail enough room to roam.

Right from the beginning there is a hushed reverence to the work, the way the many layers intermingle yet never feel overwhelming. There is a hushed awe to the piece and upon the inclusion of his vocals, things begin in earnest. Production highlights his strength as a singer and the crisp low-end has a pastoral hue to it. With a naturalistic cadence he lets an entire life come into the fray one that appears to be fully lived-in and completely adored. Grooves here have a gentle spirit for they linger on through always taking their time, with atmosphere proving to be of the essence. Every single twist and turn of the sound shine with an optimism that feels so soothing. Growing the sound out, the buildup of the track has a symphonic fervour, in a way that lends it a timelessness.

“Careful” shows off Conner Ball’s ability to craft a sound that feels truly alive and full of love.



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