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Castle KYD merges roots rock and electronica into a satisfying whole with “Menagerie”.

Castle KYD – Menagerie

Castle KYD merges roots rock and electronica into a satisfying whole with “Menagerie”. The buildup of the song has a reflective ode to it. A mixture of chamber pop, folk, even dance the song has a soulfulness to it one that feels particularly earned. Buildup of the sound itself feels majestic, for they let the piece unfurl at its own pace. Harnessing a virtual force of nature cadence to it, the whole of the track has a gorgeousness to it. Vocals help to center the entire thing for there is a poetry to the way that the instruments and lyrics interact.

Guitars open things with a western twang. His voice has a gentleness to it at first. The drums and bass engage in a nice driving rhythm. Akin to a bit of krautrock’s futurism, they make sure that every detail matter. Verses get shaped in ways that further add to the poignancy of the piece. Right in the background the keyboards flutter right on the periphery of the sound at first. From there they pace it all with a pitch perfect scenario. Keyboards get woven into each other as there is a chaotic presence that starts to take shape. A spirit of letting go enters into the equation for they double-down on the volume. By the finale of it all they completely let loose, as there is a celebratory quality that takes shape.

“Menagerie” revels in the exquisitely beautiful storytelling of Castle KYD for they reflect upon those small moments that can define a life.



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