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Cecé Pássaro plays a whole slew of styles on the slinky house grooves of “Velho Novo Ar”

Cecé Pássaro - Velho Novo Ar

Cecé Pássaro plays a whole slew of styles on the slinky house grooves of “Velho Novo Ar”. A distinct tropical flair ties the piece together for there is a true sense of luxury behind it. Production is flawless with every detail painstakingly sculpted for maximum impact. Beyond the clear dance reference, he incorporates elements of funk, jazz, traditional folk, and nods to the avant-garde in a way that is fully accessible. Impeccable hooks weave their way throughout helping to further add to the inviting presence of the piece. Sprawling and ambitious, this ambition is met by the sheer commanding power of those vocals which serve as the glue for the piece.

The way the track introduces itself sets the tone for what follows – rather than set the beat up immediately, the atmosphere is settled first. Multiple layers filter into the fray giving it a psychedelic, stream of consciousness tact. His voice has a profound effect in helping to focus it all, for there is a delicacy in how he merges it altogether into something that has a spellbinding appeal behind it. From this quiet, meditative beginning it expands out into the infinite, constantly evolving to become a wild trip through so many different genres. He puts the whole of the work together like a kaleidoscope, shifting colours, textures and more in ways that feel refreshingly honest.

“Velho Novo Ar” shows off Cecé Pássaro’s uncanny ability to twist the often-staid dancehall sound and transform it into a delirious, delightful piece one that possesses such soul.



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