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Ceyeo presents a true party-starter on the easy-going atmosphere of “Summer Love”.

Ceyeo - Summer Love

Ceyeo presents a true party-starter on the easy-going atmosphere of “Summer Love”. A clever mixture of dance, hip-hop, and more the piece’s mellowed attitude reigns supreme. Lyrics are chosen to further accentuate this peaceful quality. Vocals feature a warm, welcoming atmosphere like somebody welcoming you to a celebration and they are very happy to see you. Melodies waft on through lazily with their own sense of time. Quite a multifaceted piece, it is easy to surrender to the track’s undeniable charms. Beats feature this rather happy, carefree attitude that is ultimately quite joyous to behold. Plenty of attention to detail means even the smallest gestures gain in importance, for the song’s duration lends itself perfectly to that infectious pop format.

Vocals start the thing off with the rest of the sound following along. For the duration of the work everything holds up. The way they tap into the present moment, of a longing to escape into something a little more low-key, really resonates. Even the lyricism backs this up hoping for just a chilled-out experience, one that does not involve anything heavy. Over the course of the whole journey additional flourishes come to the forefront. Upon the inclusion of horns into the proceedings the jazz-like kick becomes much more prominent. Done with such dignity they make sure that the grooves have a physicality about them, the sorts of things that feel outright soothing to the very soul.

“Summer Love” revels in the exquisite detail that Ceyeo delivers with such ease.



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