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Chargr features a wonderful funhouse of sounds with the infectious pop of “Junk”.

Chargr – Junk

Chargr features a wonderful funhouse of sounds with the infectious pop of “Junk”. A clever mash-up of several different styles, from art rock to pop to electronica, it is a happy sugary piece. The lyrics here cut to the bone for the critique of consumer culture feels so life-affirming. Kept simple yet direct, the word choice is exceptional. One could imagine Andy Warhol loving this track for its tongue-in-cheek disposition. Instrumentally dense the band plays off each other’s talents with a neat loopy disposition to it. Highly addictive, it is a true earworm as the way the song gets into the mind feels fantastic.

The retro vibes of the track are readily apparent. Whilst listening to it, there are pieces of the Talking Head’s gleeful anxiety. Vocals truly sell the message; in that they explain what is not needed in the world. Simplicity is essential for the way they twist the few verses around has a delirious quality. Akin to walking through a supermarket and a department store, laughing at the absurdity of it all, the song has a soulful quality to it. Messaging-wise, they bring in some of Frank Zappa’s giddiness as the song continues onward, getting dreamier and more surreal. For the breakdown they let the wordless vocals further emphasize the absurdity of it all. Guitars have their distinct jangle, and the synthesizers have a bizarre glow to them for it all comes together in a way that feels celebratory in its rejection of a toxic culture.

“Junk” proves to be one of those thoughtful pieces, one that shows off Chargr’s uncanny sense of humor.



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