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Charlie Steady opts for a classic cool on the casual rhythm of “I Want a Biographer”.

Charlie Steady - I Want a Biographer

Charlie Steady opts for a classic cool on the casual rhythm of “I Want a Biographer”. The song’s chilled atmosphere feels so inviting. Detail here works wonders for the whole group plays off each other. Drumming has a nimbleness to it. Usage of additional instrumentation like the piano and the dreamy hues of the guitar work has a fantastic aspect to it. Stylistically rooted in indie rock, they incorporate piece of post-rock, jazz, classical, even ambient into the fray. Additionally, they deftly sidestep easy categorization with their sonic hybrid, for they avoid much of the plights of the genres they borrow from – no post rock crescendos, no overboard jazz solos, this is the definition of restraint. Nods to the Sea and Cake appear throughout, with Charlie’s vocals in particular being a dead ringer for the breathy delivery of Sam Prekop.

Grooves start up immediately full of a sense of life. The living, breathing aspect of the atmosphere gives it a hazy, dazed late summer vibe behind it for there is a tropical aspect to the entirety of the work. Everything has a careful balance to it for they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back with the journey growing as it goes on. Their ability to stop and start on a dime has a grandeur to it all, for there is a bit of happiness involved. With this sense of self-discovery, they make sure it all comes together into this kaleidoscopic affair.

“I Want a Biographer” shows off the laid-back mixture of introspective lyricism meets a jazz-rock fusion bliss.



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