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Chasing Shadows goes for a full-bodied, intense early 2000s indie rock style with “Bullets”.

Chasing Shadows – Bullets

Chasing Shadows goes for a full-bodied, intense early 2000s indie rock style with “Bullets”. Going right for the jugular, their sound contains so much heart behind it. Rhythms here hit with a fury, for they have a force of nature quality to all of it. Everything within the atmosphere features a fire and power to it. Done with such dignity, they make sure that the piece has a great buildup, with the layers of sound added at a rapid clip. Vocals here features a rabid animalistic energy about them making sure that they rest front and center of the whole thing. Word choice matters for theirs is a yearning sense, one that wants for something more.

With the song starting up in a fine rush of noise, the work washes over the listener in a full-on wave. Nothing here stops they let it all go on by in a bright brilliant blur. Touching upon some of the work of Blink182, Coheed and Cambria, among a slew of others, Chasing Shadows manages to make this sound their own. Everything about it features a cyclical sensibility, one whose hypnotic riffing feels righteous to fully take in. Riffs here are chosen with care for they feature an incredible ear for melody, as the whole of the piece feels so righteous, real, and, of course, quite raw in terms of how it all comes together in a mad dash for the finale.

“Bullets” reveals Chasing Shadows to be thoughtful in their tact, reviving a classic sound and giving it new life.



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