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CHEEKBONE's “In & Out” embodies all the best of indie pop.


Full of so much sheer passion, CHEEKBONE embraces a warm, shaggy dog spirit on the kindhearted “In & Out”. The twang of the guitar merges perfectly with the carefree vocals that ring on throughout the entirety of the piece. Rhythms here have a mellowed aspect to them for they take their time in setting the mood in a pitch perfect fashion. So much joy seems to radiate from the entire thing, and the energy has an inviting presence to it.

Volume is a must and they do not give you a choice, for they start off strong. With the twang of the guitar giving a jangle pop quality, the song begins to grow from that small start. From there the rest of the track morphs into a carefree demeanor, one that has a great tenderness to it. Building the sound out feels particularly satisfying, as it is a lost art to make a rock song gradually swell up the way this one does. Everything is kept simple yet effective over the course of the track, with the many different patterns intermingling to deliver something truly awe-inspiring. For the final stretch of the whole piece there is a sense of grace, one that almost has a childlike sense of wonder for it constantly shifts in a myriad number of ways.

“In & Out” proves to be one of those pieces of pop that defies any sort of trendiness for a more timeless tradition, making CHEEKBONE embody all the best of indie pop.



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