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Chi-town’s Philip Allen Bursts On The Scene With “Seventeen”

Chicago singer-songwriter Philip Allen bursts onto the scene with his hotter-than-ever single “Seventeen”. His attention to detail and ability to produce, write, and release music himself is second to none. In 2022 and beyond, audiences worldwide should get used to hearing the name Philip Allen.

Philip Allen is a grounded man, growing up in Chicago churches where the gospel community is heavy. However being from Chi-town, he was also exposed to many other genres like jazz, hip-hop, dance music,

and pop. When he began making music himself, Philip’s music was a culmination of all his musical roots, heavily inspired by artists like John Legend and Stevie Wonder. His single “Seventeen” showcases his ability to blend genres into a new, original sound. Entirely produced by Philip Allen, his discography is growing into a web that paints a picture of a young man of value finding his way through the jungles of life and Chicago. With heavy anticipation surrounding his debut project, Philip Allen is one of the top dogs to look out for in 2022.

Check out Philip Allen’s music on Spotify below and follow the Chicago artist on Instagram.



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