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Chilled-out vibes run through “As it Seems” showing off Alice Rowe’s uncanny knack for storytelling.

Alice Rowe - As it Seems

Chilled-out vibes run through “As it Seems” showing off Alice Rowe’s uncanny knack for storytelling. Full of uncertainty with a desire for love, the piece radiates a crystal clarity. The instrumentation shown throughout helps to weave together a whole bunch of different styles into a singular whole. R&B, hip-hop, pop, and more all get filtered through her unique worldview. Lots of it has that great swagger to it. Volume is a must for the rhythm section is a pure joy to behold. A number of surprising twists, such as that wonderful saxophone, further ensure that there is a power to all of it one that brings the listener into a highly intricate universe.

Glowing at first thanks to those incredible chords, the rest of the piece comes into place quite quickly. Her usage of slang gives the song a contemporary feeling, one that captures this very moment in time. An almost jazz-like tossed-off quality to her voice additionally gives it a sense of pure giddiness to it, one that has a deliriously celebratory spirit. Quite probing, it asks the question of why precisely it is so difficult to navigate relationships. People constantly throwing up defenses, giving unclear responses, it becomes frustrating. She captures that too, wondering aloud why people can’t be straightforward. Perhaps it has to do with people simply being unwilling to get vulnerable with each other. Despite the heavy topic she handles it with lightness, even grace. In a true and just world Alice Rowe would be endlessly played on the radio, that’s how impressive it is.

Alice Rowe sings with such passion on the infinitely catchy and endlessly cool spirit of “As it Seems”.

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