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Christian Bernal offers a strong unique voice on the blurred vision of the eclectic “Revolution”.

Christian Bernal - Revolution.

A demented sense of play explodes onto the scene with the surrealistic glam industrial fusion of Christian Bernal’s “Revolution”. Everything here is a beautiful kaleidoscopic array of styles, ranging from elements of the Flying Luttenbachers to the Pop Group. Done in their own unique way there is a chaotic energy that stuns, one that feels completely free and full of desire to show that unhinged spirit off. Thus, the way that song is structured is akin to allowing something to outright collapse into full chaos. Yet, before that ever happens, they always manage to pull back right in the nick of time. By allowing this sense of tension into the equation Christian explores something completely madcap. Instrumentally too they bring a great deal into the equation for their usage of horns in particular adds to the sense of endless possibility.

Drums set the tone as they have an elasticity that is quite refreshing. Never quite settling into a single style, they jump around with glee as they touch upon so much unique colour that adds to the power of the work. Layer upon layer comes into the mix as the increasing density leads to something ever more chaotic. His voice rests front and centre, serving as the very soul of the whole piece. Lyrics are chosen and delivered with the utmost of care, as each line has a razor-sharp clarity that cuts through everything else.

Christian Bernal offers a strong unique voice on the blurred vision of the eclectic “Revolution”.



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