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Chuckie Chuck delivers a truly playful and dazzling array of sound with “GODE”.

Chuckie Chuck – GODE

Chuckie Chuck delivers a truly playful and dazzling array of sound with “GODE”. Here things stop and start on a dime. The funky dancefloor friendly sound feels righteous. A true party-starter of a track they make sure that everything comes together in a wonderfully delirious way. Beats here have a feisty quality making sure that they nicely punctuate the power of Chuckie’s words. Rather than go for something deep, the lyrics have a giddiness to them, seemingly narrating the joy that comes from celebrating together. Everything about the sound shakes about for there is a craziness to it, for it deserves to be played as loudly as possible.

His voice starts things off. With a happiness to it the song has a spring in its step, making sure to settle into some summer jam vibes. Lots of it exudes a degree of undeniably powerful energy, the sort of thing that guides it through a whole degree of different twists and turns. Really, this is the sort of track that will make anybody get up and dance. By fully embracing this attitude, the song does not take itself too seriously forgoing formalities for something carnal instead. Over the course of the journey the beats take over, as Chuckie rides the groove with ease. For the final stretch he keep things relatively taut even as the party seems to carry on long after the track has ended.

“GODE” shows off the undeniable power of Chuckie Chuck in crafting a song that feels completely liberating.



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