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Church Mice employ a fantastic western twang on the wide-open spaces of “I Found You”.

Church Mice - I Found You

Church Mice employ a fantastic western twang on the wide-open spaces of “I Found You”. They sing and play from a life lived to the fullest. With an autobiographical kick to the lyrics the words are chosen with the utmost of care. Everybody within the group is on the same page and the interplay has a refreshing stance to it. Nor do they succumb to any cliché their sound has an authenticity, one that feels truly earned. Vocals here rest right in the front of it. By allowing all these different elements into the work the song has a kaleidoscopic quality. So much of the piece has a spectacular quality to it, one that swirls about in a rather mystical way. The storytelling has a fantastic aspect to it, for there is a poetry to be found there.

From the first moment they set the tone with such cleverness behind it. The guitar work seemingly soars right up into the sky. Vast terrain is covered throughout, seemingly reflecting on the empty spaces of so much of the United States, and all the melancholy that can bring. By making sure that there is a patient, persistence tempo about it they get to work in exploring a whole atmosphere. So much color features prominently throughout. An autumnal aspect to the work helps to imbue the song with a sense of meditation.

“I Found You” revels in the Church Mice’s thoughtful take on what it means to look back, to cherish, and to love.

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