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Class Vee goes for an old-school 90s flavor on the infinitely chilled-out vibes of “IDK Why”.

Class Vee - IDK Why

Class Vee goes for an old-school 90s flavor on the infinitely chilled-out vibes of “IDK Why”. Lyrics feature a contemplative stance. With the recent resurgence of interest for that entire decade there is a bit of a playfulness to encounter over the course of the track. Beats are chosen and pitched to perfection. The way they sculpt the bassline adds to this warm, inviting embrace of the sound. By ensuring that the evolution happens slowly, there is a daydreaming gaze about it one that feels thoughtful, even yearning at times.

The jazzy flair that introduces the piece really sets the groove up in exquisite style. Not wasting any time, they roll on through with a degree of majesty. Full of a desire for connection the song explores what it means to go out, why we need to form bonds, and why it can be so difficult. Grooves have a living, breathing quality to it. Within the song there is a realization that emerges, one that shows off how difficult it can be navigate social norms. Hope is one of the main concepts that gets a lot of attention for they magnify every single aspect of what it means to interact with others. Her voice contains multitudes for it express sadness, anxiety, and eventually a spirit of self-acceptance. For the final moments the whole of the track simply melts all away in a peaceful fashion.

“IDK Why” shows off Class Vee’s exquisite understanding of relationships, navigating life, and a very distinct soulful sound.

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