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Cliff Whitakker brings together slowcore and hip-hop into a satisfying sound.

Cliff Whitakker - Skipping Stones

Cliff Whitakker brings together slowcore and hip-hop into a satisfying sound on the reflective “Skipping Stones”. Lots of detail gets brought into the work for there is a lot of melodic progression of the piece. Everything about the piece takes its time. Buildup does occur yet this buildup ensures that the pacing is never rushed. His voice rests very much in the center. The lyrics have a power to them for the verses flow down in a way that feels natural. Keeping things relatively intimate the song’s hushed quality has a glistening presence, the ability to bring so many layers together yet remaining light is a fine airiness.

Atmosphere is of the essence, and he makes sure to establish that quickly. Beats go for a hip-hop aesthetic. Much of it feels quite surreal in a way. The melody helps to further accentuate the importance of his words. Like traveling through past events in a trance state, a whole series of events get that additional attention. With the rather inwardly focused tact he makes sure that the degree of vulnerability keeps on increasing. Full of so much heart everything about it comes together in this majestic fashion. Due to this careful pacing, he allows the song to seemingly almost melt away into the sonic ether. Yet, the passion he has only grows with the rest of the sound, yearning for something, that thing which could have been different if only.

“Skipping Stones” features the uncanny ability of Cliff Whitakker to accurately depict a whole life in but a single moment.



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