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“Closure” reveals the impeccable chops of Lyon Tide.

Lyon Tide – Closure

Lyon Tide touches upon the magic of early the Smiths on the soulful “Closure”. Everything about the track proves the importance of patience. They let these sounds build up in terms of sheer intensity, with almost a post rock like a crescendo that breaks for the final section of the piece. However, no matter how chaotic the arrangement becomes the crystal cool vocals of the singer rise above the din, serving as the very centre of the sound. From this singular impulse, the rest of the song takes its cue, resulting in the singer being almost the eye of the storm, able to observe all.

Drums introduce the piece and serve the track well. The steady persistent hit of the drums feels strangely welcoming. Woozy keyboards and guitar work in unison to further establish the groove. Only upon the inclusion of the vocals does the beating heart of the piece truly begin. His lyricism has a poetry to it for it unspools with such gracefulness. Usage of letting the drums occasionally fall out of the mix further adds to the semi-classical flourishes of grandeur that occasionally make their way into the fray. For the final stretch of the piece, they completely let loose, resulting in some fantastic touches that get to the very heart and soul of the work, for the way it becomes a bright brilliant burst of colour feels apt.

“Closure” reveals the impeccable chops of Lyon Tide in exploring a life lived to the absolute fullest.


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