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“Cloud 9” shows Jor to be a skillful rapper.

Jor - Cloud 9

Jor delves deep into inner monologues on the powerful personal journey of “Cloud 9”. Production quality here is immaculate with every single element of the sound carefully sculpted for maximum emotional impact. This proves to be a vital undertaking for the way the album unfurls shows off Jor’s uncanny storytelling ability. By expressing himself without any filter at all the album benefits immensely from his lyrical prowess as well as his flow. Here it is also the way he says it, and his delivery and cadence draw heavily from the laid-back groove-riding approach of the late Mac Miller in terms of crafting a style uniquely his own. Lyricism incorporates pieces of Earl Sweatshirt’s unvarnished truths as they explore the very ego.

After the short “Cloud 9 (Intro)” things begin in earnest on the surreal glam of “Fresh n Rosy Fingered” where the soul sample anchors his powerful, hard-edged flow. Mac Miller’s influence can be most keenly felt on the tremendous scope of “Bloom (feat. HappyBdayDaniel)”. Distortion reigns supreme on the industrial hip-hop churn of “Broken King” where the song works itself into a frenzy. The jazz riffs of “Man in the Moon” features careful, sly grooves that stretch out into the infinite. Vocals are warped and woozy on the swing of “Take a Hint” where the innocence of the melody is cut up by the hard hits of the bass. Stripping things down to the essentials is the intimate finale of “20”.

“Cloud 9” shows Jor to be a skillful rapper one that draws heavily from hip-hop’s past as well as pointing towards its potential future.

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