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College Elite features a thoughtful piece of college rock on the powerful “Trouble”.

College Elite – Trouble

College Elite features a thoughtful piece of college rock on the powerful “Trouble”. Lyrics have an extreme intensity to them. No punches pulled; they go right for the jugular. Everything about it bursts forth in a wild, careening spirit. Guitar work seems to underpin the message. Vocals have a wildness to them. Fully unhinged he holds nothing back, and the exquisite detail to the narrative adds to the realness. Recounting a tale that befalls so many, there is a certain tragedy they invoke.

References to early analog recordings help to set the mood for what follows. The groove is a slow-moving tempo. All of it features a greatness to it. Nothing here moves fast for there is a lumbering quality to it. Over the course of the piece a sense of purpose emerges. Exploring the difficulties that relationships can bring, he makes sure to emphasize how tricky it can be to navigate emotions. A powerful series of flourishes enter into the sound. So tremendously heavy the guitar has a transfixing aspect to it. Layer upon layer works itself into the kaleidoscopic array. Full of so much fire there is a quality of pure urgency, a pleading quality. Nods to groups like Archers of Loaf, Pavement, and more reveal themselves. Volume and a physicality of sorts of becomes ever more grandiose eventually working into a force of nature, one that fades out with such care.

“Trouble” shows off the uncanny narrative of College Elite in creating a piece that goes for an introspective quality.



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