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“Collide” proves Eckotrigger’s deft skill at crafting a cryptic world.

Eckotrigger – Collide

A darkened sense of beauty permeates Eckotrigger from the sound to the style to the substance on the stellar “Collide”. Everything about the track is hauntingly lovely from the glossy yet downtrodden synthesizer work to the direct impact of the vocals themselves, it all manages to seep into the listener’s very psyche. Sounds here take their time in building up and the production values are fantastic. Glimmering industrial ethos with a distinct alternative rock ethos, the song lingers in the mind long after the track has ended. Vocals here go right for the jugular – they don’t need to shout the words themselves possess plenty of power without having to incorporate volume into the equation. The verses here have a tremendous impact even as they are delivered with such luxury.

Quite powerfully, the song begins with an ebb and flow. The groove is elastic constantly being pushed and pulled in unexpected ways. Vocals take hold of the rhythm and are sung with an urgent plea. By allowing the starkness to radiate throughout the minimal aesthetic gains a rather sinister undertone, one that is almost harrowing enough to experience. No light ever reaches the sound there is no salvation involved. Hope does not exist within the sound it is a most bleak piece, yet one that feels particularly pointed given the isolation so many currently experience outside of their own will.

“Collide” proves Eckotrigger’s deft skill at crafting a cryptic world that sometimes feels all too eerily familiar.


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