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Colt Sterk delivers a truly gorgeous piece on “Mistake”.

Colt Sterk – Mistake

A song that details heartbreak with such truth, Colt Sterk makes “Mistake” a truly memorable experience. Nods to Beck’s “Sea Changes” emerges over the course of the track. Much like Beck’s work, Colt pays close attention to the buildup of the sound. From such humble roots he lets things expand out into the infinite. His voice grows alongside the sheer scope of the work for there is an inherent loveliness to the way it all works out. Instrumentally vibrant the number of textures and tones following through here is enough to make one’s head spin, yet the message is what keeps everything centered. Verses cascade downwards recalling the tale of a broken relationship, of how a relationship falls apart and the extreme hurt that brings.

From the beginning the song works as barely a whisper. Guitar work has a plaintive plea working alongside the sparse arrangement. The gradual growth of the song gives it a living, breathing quality. He ensures that every verse builds upon the last as the overall picture comes into focus. Rather nicely the rhythm section proves to be exceptional, with a tight range that becomes the muscle behind his tale. Production too highlights how massive the sound becomes. Nearly cinematic in its own special way everything about it points towards a spirit of pure true relief. All of it works wonders for there is an inherent decency about it, the way that the thing seems to absolutely peak by the end, a sense of universality behind the sound.

Colt Sterk delivers a truly gorgeous piece on “Mistake”.



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