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“Come And Love Me” reveals FYVEYES to be masters of their craft

Gnarled riffs races through FYVEYES “Come And Love Me” as a sheer delightful bacchanal drenched in fantastic dollops of distortion. The disoriented style and approach have a heavy lean towards dance rock a la Death From Above 1979. Everything about it deserves to be played loud for there is a force of nature ferociousness to the beat. Hitting hard with animalistic impulse they cover a great deal of ground and do so quickly. Never overstaying their welcome, they even incorporate elements of punk and pop into the sound making sure to completely overwhelm listeners with the sheer density of it all. Lyrics are snarled not delivered as the song remains firmly focused on urgency, even a yearning desire.

A singular guitar introduces the track and from there the rest of the band emerges in a sudden burst. Cowbell proves to be a particularly nice touch, giving the track a certain party atmosphere. The careening tempo becomes increasingly more and more fraught until they completely let loose in a way that feels organic. Little elements of solos emerge as they once more surrender to the onslaught of the groove. By effortlessly balancing these two elements they retain a degree of tension as the lyrics are shouted above it all. For the final stretch they break it down just to build it up for one more go.

“Come And Love Me” reveals FYVEYES to be true masters of their craft with infectious hooks with a flair for the wild.


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