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“Coming Round Again” demands to be played as loudly as possible.

Hybrid Kid - Coming Round Again

Hybrid Kid delivers a riotous piece of garage rock with “Coming Round Again”. With a sly groove, the distortion has a joyous quality to it. Guitar work syncs perfectly into the commanding rhythm, where everything is layered in a just right sort of fashion. The vocals rest front and centre of the entirety of the piece, as there is a style reminiscent a bit of the Talking Heads’ nervous energy mixed with a hint of Parquet Courts going a bit on the harder side of things. Layer upon layer enters into the fray but it never becomes overwhelmed. Rather, they maintain a certain bite to the proceedings ensuring that every moment becomes meaningful. Nor do they feel the need to sprawl for they keep things truly concise.

Right from the beginning the moody is set. The tempo has a steady, consistent pace to it for the instruments have a richness to them. Everything about the sound feels so damned impeccable. Hooks are deployed with maximum impact as there is an irresistible catchiness to the cadence of the work. Done with such delicate flair and touches, the evolution of the sound proves to be quite subtle in spite of the oftentimes punkish defiant demeanour that ties the whole of the piece together. By the final stretch of it all the cyclical nature of the sound becomes quite hypnotic, lulling the listener with its dedication.

“Coming Round Again” demands to be played as loudly as possible, for Hybrid Kid’s giddy snarl works wonders.



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