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Connor Eko gets a fantastically wild mix of dancehall fervor on “Sink (StoneBridge Remix)”.

Connor Eko - Sink (StoneBridge Remix)

Connor Eko gets a fantastically wild mix of dancehall fervor on “Sink (StoneBridge Remix)”. Volume is not a must it is a given for the piece works itself into an absolute frenzy. One can virtually sense the throbbing walls of the club within this approach. Thanks to their ability to take that classic house sound and update it for the modern age there is a loveliness to the way the piece unfurls. Everything happens all at once too, with the vocals swimming through the rest of the din in a rather elegant fashion. Over the course of the entire experience, it is easy to get lost within the entirety of the atmosphere. Beats further emphasize a bass-heavy approach as the piece makes sure to go for a force of nature quality.

The sweep of the beginning gives way to a truly cinematic scope that they explore in full. Done with such grace it is a joy to behold the many different twists and turns within the sound. Somehow the vocals swim through the rest of the sound making sure that they take front and center stage. Lots of love is poured into the song for the intensity of the piece proves to be absolutely unparalleled. Much of the track seemingly dilates the passage of time giving the whole thing a truly expansive flavor, one that has a refreshing quality to it. For the final stretch they let loose in a way that feels particularly well-earned.

“Sink (StoneBridge Remix)” features the uncanny ability of Connor Eko to deliver a truly physical sound.



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