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Connor Mac just announced the release of his excellent debut work: "Purpose"

As we experience one of the hottest summers to date, one of the things that put us through the weather is definitely the freshness of discovering new music.

Thankfully, artists like Connor Mac are here to keep things interesting and give us something to latch onto. His most recent studio work, "Purpose", happens to be a perfect example of making music with personality and inventiveness.

The sound of his most recent release, "Purpose", might remind people of music by performers who bring emotion and talent to their growing sonic signature and vibe. Still, there is something very unique and special about Connor and his work. The lyrics have a very heartfelt and genuine touch as well, which adds to the emotional impact of the music.

Find out more about Connor Mac and do not miss out on "Purpose". This release is now available online to stream and download. Watch out for the music video too, which will drop shortly!

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