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Conrad Ashton’s New Song ‘Those Were The Days’ Out Now!

Mr Conrad Ashton has stepped forward with yet another single. His latest offering is ‘Those Were The Days’, which is actually a full production version of an acoustic track from his 2020 EP ‘No Post On Sundays’.

Firstly, it’s nice to hear another version of this song. Ashton truly writes from the heart from this one and shows a marked improvement in his singing too. Music has always been somewhat of a therapeutic outlet for the artist, which has helped him with his own personal struggles with depression and anxiety which I’m sure some of us will also be able to relate to. That’s the thing about Conrad Ashton - he writes songs which are good listening for all; the themes of universal, relatable and suited to all ages. Ashton first got into music aged 9 when he saw Pete Townshend playing live at Live 8, and was taken aback by his exhilarating stage presence. He knew he wanted to make music and soon after picked up a guitar. By the age of 11, he was writing his own songs and beginning to develop his own unique style. Now, a continual stream of singles later, Conrad has certainly been entertaining us all with his well-crafted songs. Enjoy ‘Those Were The Days’ on all the major streaming platforms.

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