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Continent-Spanning Experimental Collective mære Set to Release Ethereal Track ‘Red Room’

mære are a continent-spanning art collective from Italy, Russia, Germany, and America, but the distance doesn’t get between them. What keeps them so closely bonded is their shared values; feminism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism. The writing of this track started in Moscow just as the war was starting, so the Russian-based members of mære felt a strong sense of uncertainty.

Cee, the elusive and mysterious frontperson of the group, explains, “Red Room is in part about a feeling of isolation, caused maybe by depression or some external factors.”

This ominous aura of mystery is portrayed well from the start of the song with an interesting sound that seems like a synth-operated xylophone. The lyrics ‘red light on my skin, 4am and can’t sleep’ add to the bleakness too. But soon, the vocals become less dark-sounding and more tuneful, somewhat ethereal. The chorus gives Kate Bush vibes with beautiful harmonies that make you feel like you’re floating through space. The light and echoey synth sound in the second verse shows some fascinating song progression, as the mood has changed completely from the first verse.

mære are a group that can keep you on the very tips of your toes, as you never quite know where the song will go next. Red Room is an impressive example of that, so keep your eyes peeled for its release on 29th July.

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