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“Controlled Freedom” shows off Reinc4rnation’s uncanny ability to capture this moment in time.

Reinc4rnation – Controlled Freedom

An intensely personal performance, Reinc4rnation taps into the zeitgeist on the powerful “Controlled Freedom”. The storytelling here explores the loss of life of a young twenty-five-year-old who lost his life in Albania, breaking quarantine to get something really quick. By letting this guide the track along, the narrative here is one that focuses on how little the world cares about its youth. As Suicide once sang “America is killing its youth” but really it is a more international problem – by showcasing how this happens across the globe, Reinc4rnation tries to raise awareness of how many young people bare the burden of any and every restriction.

Production here goes for a raw, gritty tact. Vocals feature prominently in the mix and everything else revolves around them, for it is the lyrics themselves that offer the greatest impact. Layer upon layer of sound is added in a gorgeous way for their understanding of pace and rhythm further lends an additional sense of urgency to the track. Volume is an absolute must for this is more than a song to be heard, it is also meant to be felt. Getting lost in the hazy daze of the sound further lends credence to the adage that music possesses a power that few other art forms have – one that is so highly intimate yet also so visceral.

“Controlled Freedom” shows off Reinc4rnation’s uncanny ability to capture this moment in time and does so with such tremendous style.


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