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Cosmic embraces a 90s style of hip-hop on the laid-back groove of “Dirty Runner”.

Cosmic - Dirty Runner

Cosmic embraces a 90s style of hip-hop on the laid-back groove of “Dirty Runner”. Everything within the sound has a grandeur to it, and they let it roll on through. The tempo goes for a mellowed, chilled-out atmosphere. Full of a soothing array of genres, there is the clear debt to hip-hop, G-funk, and even pop thrown into the mix for good measure. By far the highlight comes from his confident delivery, for every verse cascade off the last in a way that has a sincere, generous quality to it. Done with such care they make sure the many pieces come together to create something quite fantastic. Lyrical mastery results in a track that hits so hard.

From the beginning the song comes into focus in a way that has a patient persistence to it. By allowing these many elements to enter into the mix in such a careful, balanced way the song rolls on through with its own swagger. A neat mixture of old school and nu school hip-hop influences, the low-slung hit of the bass gives it a classic feel. Usage of piano chords further adds to the dance aspect of the track, especially how it slowly brings in elements of deep house for the final stretch. Nods to Prince, Neon Indian, and more come together for the final rush to the finish line in a way that has a sweetness to it.

“Dirty Runner” features the exquisite wordplay of Cosmic for his staccato vocals alongside his carefree lyricism has a party atmosphere to it.



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