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Counting The Killers delivers a sound that truly does justice to the legacy of hard rock.

Counting The Killers - Counting The Killers

Counting The Killers goes for a full-bodied assault on the senses with the fire of “Counting The Killers”. Here they hold absolutely nothing back from the din of the guitar riffs to the way the whole of the track bursts at the seams. Layer upon layer enters into the mix as this is a dense, heavy sound. References abound with a whole slew of genres brought into the fray from grunge to hard rock to southern rock, all delivered with the utmost of care. At the very centre of this swirling, churning mix is the vocals which rise up in a devilish, almost unhinged spirit as they have a commanding presence to them.

Right from the beginning they do not mess around for the guitars scream on through with such intensity. The rest of the band falls into place and the interplay between them is quite spirit. Grooves go for a gargantuan, almost stately grace to them. Volume is an absolute must and they leave the listener no choice for they go fully into the good night. Everything about it thrashes about wildly and the spirit has a living, breathing quality to it. Their buildup in particular has a gorgeous hue to it for the way it rushes forward adds to the intrepid, incredible spirit that rushes past in a bright, brilliant blur.

“Counting The Killers” shows off the deft skill of Counting The Killers in delivering a sound that truly does justice to the legacy of hard rock in the absolute best way possible.



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