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Country, hip-hop and pop define Corrj’s chilled-out experience of “Troubled Individuals”.

Corrj - Troubled Individuals

Country, hip-hop and pop define Corrj’s chilled-out experience of “Troubled Individuals”. Reflection reigns supreme for the track serves as a series of character studies. Vocals truly tie the rest of the sound together for the atmosphere has a fully immersive quality to it. Full of such majesty to it they make sure that the bass are flawlessly sculpted and design. Beats at times have a trap quality to them for they hit with that right emotional emphasis. Other elements enter into the fray making sure that it all swirls about the listener in a majestic, hazy way. Lots of balance means too that the little flourishes feature prominently, making sure that the song works as a journey of sorts.

The country ethos introduces the piece. Elements of pop enter the fray in short succession adding to the sense of a multi-faceted universe. All of this holds back on the hip-hop influence, at least initially. Rather than go hard into that spirit they instead make sure that the piece has a powerful buildup, one that makes the eventual set of the grooves all the more satisfying when they finally drop. By allowing it all to come through they bring together a bunch of different colors and textures combining to create this vast dreamworld, one that has a degree of playfulness to it. Alongside this sonic evolution the story’s narrative too has an exquisite power.

“Troubled Individuals” shows off the exquisite nature of Corrj for they craft a distinct aural universe that feels distinctly their own.



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